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    Mad Max Movie Datasheet

    Plot Summary

    Mad Max is set in a dystopian near-future society suffering from a prolonged fuel shortage. Civil order is rapidly deteriorating and lawless gangs rampage across the desolate landscape, in defiance of the crumbling police force, the Main Force Patrol (MFP).

    An escaped cop killer, the Nightrider, is killed during a high-speed pursuit by a young MFP patrolman, Max Rockatansky. The Nightrider's comrades, a motorcycle gang led by the Toecutter, hold Max responsible and kill his partner, Jim Goose, when he attempts to bring them to justice for a violent spree in a small country town.

    Distraught at Goose's horrific death, Max walks away from the violence of the MFP and attempts to build a peaceful life with his wife Jessie and their infant son, Sprog.

    Meanwhile, the Toecutter is still hungry for revenge for the Nightrider's death.

    Max, now resigned from the MFP, is spending time with his family in a secluded beachfront area when the Toecutter Gang stumble across their hideaway. Jessie and Sprog are brutally murdered.

    Deranged with grief, Max equips himself with a black supercharged "Pursuit Special" Interceptor and sets out to track down the gang and avenge the deaths of his family.

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    Full Credit Listing


    George Miller


    Byron Kennedy
    Bill Miller – associate producer

    Writing credits

    George Miller – story
    Byron Kennedy – story
    James McCausland – screenplay
    George Miller – screenplay


    Mel Gibson – Max Rockatansky
    Joanne Samuel – Jessie Rockatansky
    Hugh Keays-Byrne – Toecutter
    Steve Bisley – Jim Goose, MFP Officer
    Tim Burns – Johnny the Boy
    Roger Ward – Fifi MacAfee

    Lisa Aldenhoven – Nurse
    David Bracks – Mudguts
    Bertrand Cadart – Clunk
    David Cameron – Barry, MFP Mechanic
    Robina Chaffey – Cabaret Singer
    Stephen Clark – Sarse
    Mathew Constantine – Toddler
    Jerry Day – Ziggy
    Reg Evans – Station Master
    Howard Eynon – Diabando
    Max Fairchild – Benno Swaisey
    John Farndale – Grinner
    Peter Felmingham – Senior Doctor
    Sheila Florance – May Swaisey
    Nic Gazzana – Starbuck
    Hunter Gibb – Lair
    Vince Gil – Crawford 'Nightrider' Montizano
    Andrew Gilmore – Silvertongue
    Jonathan Hardy – Police Commissioner Labatouche
    Brendan Heath – Sprog Rockatansky
    Paul Johnstone – Cundalini
    Nick Lathouris – Grease Rat
    John Ley – MFP Officer Charlie
    Steve Millichamp – MFP Officer Roop
    Phil Motherwell – Junior Doctor
    George Novak – Scuttle
    Geoff Parry – Bubba Zanetti
    Lulu Pinkus – Nightrider's Girl
    Kim Sullivan – Girl in Chevy
    Neil Thompson – TV Newsreader
    Billy Tisdall – Midge
    Gil Tucker – People's Observer
    John Arnold
    Tom Broadbridge
    Peter Culpan
    Peter Ford
    Clive Hearne
    Telford Jackson
    Kristine Kamen
    Joan Letch
    Sally Mackenzie
    James McCausland
    Kerry Miller
    Amanda Muggleton – Biker's Moll (uncredited)
    Janine Ogden
    Di Trelour
    Vernon Weaver
    Paul Young
    Brendan Young

    Original Score

    Brian May


    David Eggby

    Camera Department

    Harry Glynatsis – assistant camera
    Tim Smart – clapper loader, photographer (second unit)
    Lindsay Foote – gaffer
    David Cassar – grip
    Noel McDonald – grip
    Garry Plunkett – best boy

    Film Editing

    Cliff Hayes
    Tony Paterson
    Byron Kennedy
    George Miller


    Mitch Consultancy
    Mitch Matthews (uncredited)

    Art Direction

    Jon Dowding

    Costume Design

    Clare Griffin

    Makeup and Wardrobe Department

    Viv Mepham – makeup artist
    Merren Kingsford-Smith – wardrobe
    Ben Taylor – hair stylist

    Production Management

    Jenny Day – production co-ordinator
    John Hipwell – unit manager
    Tom Broadbridge – production assistant

    Assistant Directors

    Ian Goddard – first assistant director
    Steve Connard – second assistant director
    Des Sheridan – third assistant director

    Art Department

    Steve Amezdroz – assistant art director
    Richard Francis – props
    Frank Matich – helmets

    Sound Department

    Ned Dawson – sound effects recordist
    Roger Savage – post production sound
    Mark Wasiutak – boom operator
    Gary Wilkins – sound recordist
    Byron Kennedy – sound effects editor

    Special Effects

    Chris Murray

    Visual Effects

    Richard Wilmot – optical effects operator (uncredited)


    Grant Page – stunt co-ordinator/stunts
    Chris Anderson – stunts
    Dale Bensch – stunts
    David Bracks – stunts
    Michael Daniels – stunts
    Gerry Gauslaa – stunts
    Terry Gibson – stunts
    George Novak – stunts

    Vehicle Department

    Ray Beckerley – vehicle designer
    Bertrand Cadart – motorcycle designer
    Jack Burger – motorcycle designer
    Stephen O'Hare – truck co-ordinator
    Robert Orchard – mechanic
    Clive Rowell – mechanic
    Murray Smith – mechanic
    Phil Brock – black-on-black driver
    Lex Glouchewera – electronics

    Other Crew

    Shirley Ballard – continuity (2nd unit)
    Stuart Beatty – traffic supervisor
    Arthur Cambridge – colour grader (uncredited)
    Margaret Cardin – negative cutter
    Nic Gazzana – cabaret music
    Bill Gooley – laboratory consultant
    Noel L. Harman – financial consultant
    Andrew Jones – traffic supervisor
    Brian May – composer
    Rudy Mineur – additional props (uncredited)
    Bill Owen – titler
    Chic Stringer – still photography
    Margaret-Rose Stringer – continuity (uncredited)

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